Suomen Käyrätorviklubi


The Finnish Horn Club, one of the oldest instrument associations in Finland, was founded the 16th of December, 1973. According to its rules, the purpose of the foundation is to broaden the knowledge and cherish the traditions of horn playing, play an active role in bringing the finnish horn musicians together in addition to creating and developing international contacts for the finnish hornists. The association has approximately 140 members.

The first Nordic Horn Seminar was organised in 1975 in Liminka, Finland by the Finnish Horn Club. The sequelling seminars have become the most significant regularly placetaking educational horn happenings in the nordic region. The Finnish Horn Club has been the co-organiser in f.ex. the Mikkeli Nordic Horn Competition, The Lieksa Brass Week and The Vantaa Brass Weekend. In summer 2000 the Holger Fransman International Horn Competition adjoining the Lieksa Brass Week was also partly organised by the Club. The world wide horn symposium in Lahti in 2002 was co-hosted by the Finnish Horn Club.

The Club has published a book "Käyrätorvi" ("The Horn"), released an album of contemporary horn music "Music for 1-24 Horns", and honored Holger Fransman with a "Maestro Del Corno" -record that includes horn music arranged, conducted and ordered by Mr. Fransman. The horn association has also had an impact in the majority of the pieces written for horn in Finland during the last few decades.

The first honorary member of the Finnish Horn Club was Holger Fransman. The club has furthermore expressed appreciation at his life's work with a portrait situated in the Sibelius-Academy, and a medal. The profound effect Holger Fransman has had in creating the unique atmosphere within the finnish horn society has been a major factor in the founding of the Finnish Horn Club.

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